Polaroid Image/Spectra Camera - Pro Cam

Remember the car from Back to the Future with the funny doors? The Polaroid Spectra Pro Cam is a bit like that. It comes at things from a different angle. Control-wise, you get the standard lighten/darken switch, Sonar Autofocus and flash switch, but the lens unit pops up sideways, which is pretty cool. No flux capacitor, though. Sorry, Marty.

- +

Wide-format photos

Sonar Autofocus

Lighten/darken switch

Can't time-travel

A New Perspective.

About the series

First introduced in the 1980s, Polaroid's Spectra & Image camera systems have a number of technical features and use a special wide-format instant film. As a result, they were popular in a number of professional settings, such as police forensics and medical examinations. Their pop-up designs are pretty cool, too, so if you like your style with a bit of substance, look no further.
Spectra Camera
Works with:
spectra Film

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