Polaroid Image/Spectra Camera - Macro 5

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The Polaroid Spectra Macro 5 might look like something out of a Ridley Scott film, but its story is far from science fiction. It was originally designed to create extreme closeup photos for professional uses, like police forensics or medical examinations. These days, it's more popular for creating abstract macro shots and experimental photography, so you can leave the crime scenes to the detectives. Unless you're a detective, in which case, we've got a camera we'd love to sell you.

Wide-format photos

Dual-light rangefinder

Double flash

Impossible to lose

Size doesn't matter. But...

About the series

During the 1980s, Polaroid began creating instant cameras targeted at professional applications, such as crime scene investigation. The Macro 5 is one of the cameras that effort created – a supersize instant camera for capturing tiny details on film. Because sometimes, when you want to see smaller, you have to think bigger.
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