Polaroid 600 Camera - Impulse Autofocus

With its unique shape, rubber binocular grips and pop-up flash, the Polaroid Impulse Autofocus might be the oddball of the 600 family, but it’s got a certain charm about it. Its rugged design makes it perfect for anyone with a habit of bumping into things, and the automatic flash makes it ideal for late nights and parties. This one comes with Polaroid's patented Sonar Autofocus as well, so even if the party gets the better of you, your photos won't suffer. Just make sure you're pointing it in the right direction, at least.

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Automatic flash

Sonar Autofocus

Rubber grips

Built to last

Rough, rugged, and ready to roll.

About the series

The 600 series might be best known for its family-friendly box designs and colorful special editions, but the Impulse showed that Polaroid knew how to work, as well as play. Its tough exterior and straightforward operation made it perfect for professional uses and on-the-go photography, and there's something about that pop-up flash that never gets old.
600 Camera
Works with:
600 Film

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