Impossible I-1 Gift Set

Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity and integrated smartphone app, the Impossible I-1 camera is one of the most advanced instant cameras ever made. You can use it for double-exposures, light painting, studio portraiture, and more - great for any advanced analog enthusiast who wants to give their instant photos a little touch of digital precision. With this special set, you’ll also get three packs of i-Type instant film and an I-1 carry case custom-designed by our friends at Unit Portables, so you can get out and start experimenting straight out of the box. So, what are you waiting for?

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Impossible I-1 Gift Set

Analog, meet digital.


i-Type Camera

Compatible with

600 Film i-type Film Compatibility Chart

About the series

The Impossible I-1 camera is an instant camera with a difference. It takes analog instant film like our classic Polaroid models, but thanks to built-in Bluetooth connectivity and the I-1 smartphone app, it can do things other instant cameras could only dream of. If you want more creative control, it doesn't get much better than this.

Advanced ring flash

Great for studio photography

8 photos per pack

Works with I-1 smartphone app

Gift set contents:
1 x Impossible I-1 camera,
2 x Polaroid Originals Color i-Type film,
1 x Polaroid Originals Black & White i-Type film,
1 x Impossible I-1 bag
Impossible I-1 i-Type Camera
5 zone autofocus system with reflective IR ranging
12 LED advanced ring flash
Bluetooth connectivity with free I-1 smartphone app
6 lenses, with 5 possible configurations
500 mAh high performance USB-rechargeable lithium ion battery
Focal length: 82 mm - 109 mm
Field of view
Instant film for Polaroid Originals i-Type cameras
8 photos per pack
Classic white frame
Contains a battery to power your camera and flash

Carry Case:
Molded foam interior, zippers and magnetic tab closure plus elastic interior straps
Detachable storage pouch
Canvas hand strap with leather trim: 9.3" (235 mm)
Adjustable canvas neck strap with leather trim: 41" - 62" (1050 mm - 1580 mm)
Straps attach to camera via mount holes and steel screws at rear of I-1 camera body