8x10 Core Film Triple Pack

As the pinnacle of instant analog photography, 8x10 film comes with loads of benefits including a larger format, crystal-clear images and beautiful texture. And now, thanks to this special 8x10 triple pack, you can enjoy all of that for a lower price than ever before. Go on. Treat yourself.

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10 photos per pack
Large format film
Made by hand
Manual processing

8x10 Core Film Triple Pack

One for the pros.

8x10 Film
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About the series
Before Polaroid created the integral instant film we all know and love, they made manually-processed, peel-apart film. In 1973, they introduced 8x10, a large format film which creates photos of incredible quality. It's more complex than other instant film formats, but there's nothing like it, which is why we're still making it today, by hand, with no expense spared.
Instant film bundle for 8x10 large format cameras
2 packs of color film
1 pack of black & white film
10 photos per pack
For use with 8x10 cameras with a Polaroid film holder and processor
640 ASA Film Speed
Storage temperature: 34-45 °F (1-7 °C)
Format: 12.8" x 8.5" (325 mm x 215 mm)
Image area: 9.5" x 7.5" (241 mm x 190 mm)
Development time: 5-10 minutes (black & white) / 10-15 minutes (color)