600 Duochrome Film Triple Pack

Struggling to choose between our Pink and Blue Duochrome film packs? Never fear – we've made this special bundle pack so you don't have to choose. With this, you get two packs of our Blue & Black Duochrome film, and one pack of Pink & Black. And like all our bundles, you save money on every pack of film. By the time you're finished, you'll be dreaming in two-tone.

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Buy 3 packs of the same film and get 5% off.

8 photos per pack

Built-in battery

Images develop in about 10 minutes

Duochrome Edition!

Point. Shoot. Share.

About the series

Just like the camera it goes with, 600 film is straightforward and easy to use. It comes in classic color and black & white versions, as well as a range of special editions, so there's always a new way to put your life on film.
600 Film
Works with:
600 Cameras
i-Type Cameras