“… an old-school camera, only better.”

Capture meaningful moments in the world’s most iconic frame.

Create a photo you can hold in the palm of your hand.

Inspired by the original Polaroid OneStep from 1977, redesigned for today.

Let’s get technical …

High-quality lens (2 ft – ∞)
USB-rechargeable battery
60-day battery life
Powerful flash
Self-timer function
Lighten/darken slider

Camera, meet film: Load the OneStep 2 with a pack of i-Type or 600 film.

Aim and frame: Get your shot ready, then simply point, and shoot.

Shoot, wait, appreciate: Watch your new photo eject, give it time to develop, et voilà!

The original instant film with that iconic white frame.

Looking for a second opinion?

“The Polaroid OneStep 2 is my go-to film camera. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and the photos come out with such a beautiful nostalgic feel. Whether I’m hanging out with friends, headed to the beach, or packing up for the next road trip, I love bringing it along for the ride.”
— Annabelle Sadler

“Shooting with the OneStep 2 is a special feeling – it’s the original Polaroid experience with a new design that makes it even easier to use. This is the camera you need for everyday moments.”
— Rayan Nohra @rayannohra

“I like the OneStep 2 because it has the vintage spirit of old Polaroid cameras, plus new settings like the self-timer, flash and long-lasting USB rechargeable battery means you’ll always be ready to shoot.”
— Danilo Errico @danilo.errico
“A contemporary, easy-to-use instant camera, it features a high-quality lens and a powerful flash to give photographers great photos every time.”
“The chic camera is a positive steal—in addition to boasting the nostalgic feel of Polaroid’s original OneStep, the OneStep 2 is adapted for a digital world and can be charged via USB (it has a 60-day battery life, too!).”
“Polaroid’s new OneStep 2 is so fun you’ll totally forget about Instagram.”

The Original
is Back.

The OneStep 2 is the brand new analog instant camera from Polaroid. Retro design. Modern tech. Instant classic.
2-Year Warranty Easy Returns Expert Customer Support