Pop Deco Editions

Our tribute to the ‘80s design movement known as Memphis. A limited edition collection where color and pattern collides.

Rebellion Returns.

The Memphis movement turned taste upside down in Italy in the ‘80s. Our new Pop Deco Editions honor an anti-minimalist approach to design with larger-than-life refurbishments and loud new frames.

Embrace Your Rebellious Side, Go Full Pop Deco.

Our Pop Deco designs on refurbished vintage cameras celebrate everything we love about the ‘80s. These Polaroid instant cameras, with their bold graphics and perfectly clashed pink, green, purple prints with splashes of yellow and white will delight anyone born before 1975. So don’t be afraid to give the gift of bad taste this Christmas. The Pop Deco Edition Color Film for 600 is compatible with our latest innovation, the Polaroid Lab, as well as our classic point-and-shoot OneStep 2, the bluetooth connected OneStep+ and of course our Polaroid 600 cameras. You can use our regular 600 instant film in the refurbished Pop Deco Edition cameras too. No over-the-top ‘80s outfit is complete without accessories. Always remember, life is not so straight so be bold, be loud, be proud.