Color i-Type Film Stranger Things Edition Triple Pack

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Why only take one when you can get this triple pack of i-Type film for triple the fun! Add a completely new dimension to your photography with these spectacular frames. Each pack includes 8 out of 16 special designs inspired by your favourite Hawkins hangout spots. So with this triple pack you’re in for a chance to collect them all in one go!

Find the perfect frame that’ll match your mood and get ready to swap and share with your closest friends.

Take a picture. Frame a picture. Take another. All day long.

Switch up your standard Polaroid film for a more cutting edge collection. The Stranger Things edition will reveal a side to your pictures you never thought possible. Get ready for a random selection of 16 colorful frame designs, 8 per pack.

Sixteen Unique Stranger Things Designs.

With every click of the shutter button be sure to get a burst of fun, colorful and bright frame designs.

Complete Your Collection Now!

Buy today to elevate your pictures to a summer in Hawkins. Collect these special edition frames and capture unforgettable memories.

Step into a new era of photography.

The OneStep 2 is equipped with an innovative flash developed by Hawkins National Laboratory, so you can capture stunning pictures every time.

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