8x10 Core Film 2-Pack

Struggling to choose between color and black & white? We’ve been there. Hopefully this 8x10 bundle gives you a third option; one pack of each at a lower price than if you’d bought each pack individually. That way you can shoot to your heart’s content, whether you’re ready to capture every color of the rainbow, or in more of a monochrome mood. Pure poetry.

In this bundle:

  • Color Film for 8x10 x1

    Color Film for 8x10

  • B&W Film for 8x10 x1

    B&W Film for 8x10

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Large format film

Made by hand

10 photos per pack

Manual processing

One for the pros.

About the series

Before Polaroid created the integral instant film we all know and love, they made manually-processed, peel-apart film. In 1973, they introduced 8x10, a large format film which creates photos of incredible quality. It's more complex than other instant film formats, but there's nothing like it, which is why we're still making it today, by hand, with no expense spared.
8x10 Film
Works with:
8x10 Cameras